LCD Projector

Wireless/Wifi Presentation Solution

Projector2U recommends purchasing any Projector with VGA and/or HDMI port and then connecting to an Odyssey WPS HD5, for best performance and price solution for enabling Wifi/Wireless capabilities on projectors. Can even convert your existing VGA projector with wireless capability by adding the Odyssey WPS HD5.


Odyssey WPS HD5 – Powerful Wireless Projector Presentation System / Solution !

Application 1 – Enables Wireless Connectivity on Existing or New Projectors for Business Meeting rooms

Odyssey WPS HD 5

Wireless connectivity for Projectors

Common connectivity between the projector and laptop would be either VGA or HDMI connector types. However, nowadays even new laptops tends not to come with either one of these options!

So laptop users are expected to bring their own adapters to meetings and most do not!! An option that must be considered in meeting rooms today is to have a wireless connectivity for these projectors to ensure maximum flexibility regardless of the capability of the projector.

The Odyssey WPS HD5 connects with any existing projectors using a VGA or HDMI cable connectivity, then any client can be connected via the wireless connection – No more adapters to worry about !

The Odyssey WPS HD5 provides full flexibility working with any devises including PC, MAC,  iPhone, iPad and Android Pads and Phones!

Application 2 – Enables collaboration in business meetings or school classrooms

The WPS HD5 feature of 4-1 Split Screen Projection also enables sharing of multiple screen, which can facilitate collaboration within business meetings or classrooms.


Odyssey WPS HD5 – Price RM 1199 inclusive GST


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